Netocular - Video Surveillance

Turn Your Smartphone into a Surveillance Camera

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Surveillance Made Smart

Often you need to keep an eye on persons or things you care about. Imagine that you are on vacation and you can explore surroundings while your baby is sleeping in the hotel room. Certainly there are dedicated solutions for this scenario which usually cost money or might not be available when we need them. But what if you have such possibility at minimum or even no expense?

The answer is right in your pocket: Your Smartphone!

Ubiquitos Surveillance

Nowdays smartphones become lifestyle. The small friend with camera and display is omnipresent. Why not benefit from its amazing power? Netocular is the binocular of modern times. Netocular monitors remotely whatever, whenever and wherever you need.

Security and Privacy

Netocular put security and privacy on the first place. An end-to-end connection assure that data flows only between camera and viewer devices. Whole data get encrypted using state-of-the-art secure-RTP protocol. No network servers are involved and nothing of audio video data get stored. Netocular protects you against data abuse.


Netocular has been designed to provide you best experience. We provided it with automatic camera discovery and auto configuration.

Netocular - Smart Video Surveillance Main Screen

Easy to set up

All you need is to install the app on your smartphone which will be used as camera. As a viewer you can use another smartphone or any other device equiped with a Chrome or Firefox web browser. After starting the app you see the main screen as shown in figure. Choose the operating mode:


Entering this mode turns the device into a remote camera which can be discovered by other devices running as surveillance camera viewer. A surveillance camera preview is shown, helping you to easily focus camera on your monitoring target. After you found the right position you can then switch-off the phone display if you like, in order to save power. Netocular surveillance camera continues to work in background and is always ready to be connected to.


Entering this mode allows you to discover other Netocular surveillance cameras within your network and connect to one of them. Once connected you watch live the video stream captured by the remote camera.


WiFi and Mobile Data

Operates in mobile networks 3G, 4G, LTE, and wireless WiFi, WiFi-Hotspot.

Easy to set up and use

With automatic camera discovery and configuration, you just have to tap once to establish a connection.

Always secure

Thanks peer-to-peer technology, encrypted data is transported directly from one end-point to the other without intermediary server. Thus, any data abuse is nearly impossible. Netocular takes care of your data privacy.


Low Latency

Netocular employs a direct end-to-end connection ensures minimum latency. With current WiFi networks the latency is almost imperceptible.

Power Saving

Battery power is a scarce resource on mobile devices. The device display is a main power consumer. Netocular takes care of that and let you switch-off the display while in camera mode.

Features Coming Soon

Netocular has just been launched. We are activelly improving it and extend it by new awesome features. You can actively participate in this process. Please feel free to give us feedback. This is our roadmap for further releases:

Audio Support

Enable transmitting audio data.


Enable recording with manual triggering
or motion detection.